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How WiFi sponsorships can help your business

How WiFi sponsorships can help your business

Wifi Sponsorships in Public Events

Since a reliable WiFi connection serves as a great communication tool, it has become a must-have service in organized events where businesses can leverage WiFi sponsorships on branded splash pages to back the cost of offering event-wide WiFi.

What is sponsored WiFi?

A sponsorship is a relationship between an event or a program and a business or an individual of an agreed-upon amount of exposure in exchange of support, oftentimes financial. A sponsorship is oftentimes an ongoing arrangement.

There are many different types of WiFi sponsorships. The breakdown of how WiFi sponsorships work is that on one side there is the event or location where the WiFi connection is provided free of cost, and on the other, there is the brand, company or person that subsides the costs of the WiFi connection supplied.

Advantages of WiFi sponsorships

The goal behind sponsorships is to receive recognition and increase brand awareness. Unlike other forms of advertising, WiFi sponsorships allow consumers and businesses to interact in real-time through a branded splash page. Instead of spending a large part of your budget on traditional advertising methods, WiFi sponsorships allow you to engage with hundreds of potential customers at a much lower cost. For example,

Some of the benefits of WiFi sponsorships include, but are not limited to, the possibility to:

  • Target the right audience by sponsoring the WiFi network at the right event that gives you direct access to your target market
  • Generate leads and create a community because the target audience is more apt to engage with a brand, promote a brand or service or purchase a product after being provided a much-sought-after free service like WiFi with a personalized user experience.
  • Increase brand exposure and visibility by providing a platform, such as a branded splash page where sponsors can execute marketing campaigns and advertising their brand using an image or a video ad.

Some examples of common types of WiFi sponsorships

WiFi sponsorships for a good cause

A brand or company can sponsor the WiFi connection at events that promote a cause or a charitable and voluntary organization as it is a unique opportunity to show they care, this is often times called cause-related marketing where the event gets financial aid from the business and the company gets exposure and bonus-points for goodwill.

WiFi sponsorships for advertising

Many companies use WiFi sponsorships to advertise their product or service on a network’s splash page. For example, a brand of hair products sponsors a chain of hairdressers. In exchange for exclusive WiFi sponsorship, the brand pays for all wifi deployments within the salons and uses the network’s splash page to advertise their product and collect user data to execute targeted marketing campaigns.

WiFi sponsorships for sporting events

WiFi is a valued service for attendees and brands alike at sporting events, especially considering that around 70% of the spectators at these events use a smartphone. WiFi sponsorships in these types of events provide a unique opportunity for brands to not only advertise to a large group of people at once but also display targeted ads. WiFi sponsorships at sporting events is becoming extremely popular as they gain massive attention and the combination of smartphones, high-speed WiFi, and fans means more engagement for brands. It is obvious that the bigger the audience at the events, the most sponsorships opportunities that there are. This often results in a correlatively high ROI, especially during live sporting events.

Tanaza features useful for WiFi sponsorships

Tanaza provides a wide range of useful features for WiFi guest access than can come in handy for business considering the possibility of a WiFi sponsorship.

Captive portal

The captive portal can be used as a marketing tool to collect data and segment users so that businesses that provide Wi-Fi to their clients can collect useful data and segment it for their marketing campaigns. The captive portal can also be used to communicate information, insert audio-video advertisement and other similar content that will be seen by users during the authentication process.

Integrations and APIs

You can leverage new contacts and newly generated data for email marketing purposes using Mailchimp, or by exporting it to any third party marketing platform or CRM to run high-ROI marketing and sales campaigns, or last but not least, to set up your own integration with any third party system using Tanaza’s “Push notifications” APIs.

Web content filtering

When deploying a Wi-Fi network in a public place, this feature enables you to block users from accessing inappropriate or unauthorized websites and applications while using your WiFi network.


All information and data captured about WiFi clients is stored within Tanaza’s analytics dashboard, an intuitive web-based tool to access your social stats and clients’ contact details. The dashboard helps you analyze data and discover how to better engage with your customers and bring visibility to your brand.

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WiFi advertising: how to leverage WiFi networks in public places

WiFi advertising: how to leverage WiFi networks in public places

WiFi advertising: how to leverage WiFi networks in public places
Public hotspots are now available in many public spaces such as bars, restaurants, malls or hotels, allowing WiFi network administrators to generate leads for their end-user customers.


WiFi hotspots have become the preferred medium for owners venue to generate and engage with on-site leads. Indeed, when deploying a public hotspot in a shop, for example, the WiFi network administrator is collecting data directly from customers and can use it for marketing purposes (such as newsletters). But WiFi hotspots can also be turned into an advertising tool enabling venues to promote goods and services and offset costs of WiFi infrastructures. Indeed, Tanaza features an advertising tool for display advertisements such as videos or images. This tool permits to show relevant content to the right audience and so to promote services and goods or offer discounts directly to customers.

While configuring the splash page of the public hotspot, WiFi administrators can decide the type of ads rotation:

  • None: Image or video advertisement will be displayed as is.
  • Random: Image or video advertisements will be displayed at random rotation (no specific order) on the Splash Page.
  • Time-based: The system will switch automatically from one advertisement to the other after a determined period (1 minute, a few hours, etc.)
WiFi network administrators can build new business relationships by showing advertisements for shops or services located in a given area. For example, when offering free WiFi in a coffee shop close to a mall, the WiFi network administrator could promote one shop located in the mall.

Thanks to the data collected and stored on the Tanaza analytics dashboard, WiFi network administrator gets insight about the clientele of one venue and can personalise messages or media on the hotspot splash page. For example, if WiFi users in a coffee are mainly teenagers and young adults, consider showing relevant advertisement like teenager clothing shops and entertainment activities in the same area.  

 Tanaza splash page editor also allows WiFi network administrators to add links on the captive portal so that WiFi users can be redirected to an e-commerce platform or any other websites.

In conclusion, Tanaza advertising tool improves customers retention and engagement, while monetising any public hotspots structure.


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A free and easy way to track results of an image advertisement [update 2018]

A free and easy way to track results of an image advertisement [update 2018]

A free and easy way to track results of an image advertisement
Have you ever heard about Bitly? In a previous article, we explained to you how to track impressions and clicks of an image advertisement or a link. 

This article is an update to explain to you how to track your results easily and for free by combining Tanaza and Bitly.

What is Bitly?

Bitly is an online management platform for links.
It allows you to shorten your links, share them, manage them and analyze their visibility on the web.

By using Bitly together with Tanaza, you will be able to track your images advertisement impressions and clicks on your splash page, and get insights into what works and what does not!


A free and easy way to track results of an image advertisement [update 2018]

How does it work?

1) Sign up or log in to your bit.ly account

2) Paste a long URL (of an image that is hosted on your website) to shorten it

3) Copy the shortened URL

When you enter your Bitly account, you see the list of URLs that you shortened. For each link, you can see the number of clicks together with the locations and the date.

A free and easy way to track results of an image advertisement [update 2018]

Show an image advertisement on your Tanaza splash page with a Bitly link. 

Image advertisement before the authentication process

The Tanaza splash page editor allows you to add images advertisement on your Wi-Fi network splash page.
You can select for how many seconds it will show up. To do so, just follow these steps:

1) Sign up or log in to your cloud.tanaza.com account. Create a new SSID with Tanaza Splash Page.

2) In the splash page editor, go to Settings / Advertising. Select the media type (image or video), the duration, and activate the rotation if you wish to add multiples images.

3) In the field “Image URL” copy your image’s Bit.ly URL.

The user will see the advertising just before the login process, like in this video. 

A free and easy way to track results of an image advertisement [update 2018]

Show image advertisement or a landing page after authentication process

You can show your Wi-Fi users discounts, promotions and offers, coupons also AFTER the authentication process, if it’s made through the splash page.

This is made using a “landing page”. How to:

1) Sign up or log in to your cloud.tanaza.com account. Create a new SSID with Tanaza Splash Page.

2) In the editing page, select a redirect page. “Once client is authenticated redirect user to”: select “Landing page”.

3) Create a webpage including discounts, coupon, useful and contextual info. Or create a simple coupon as a jpg or png image. For example, in a restaurant, you could create a webpage about “Today’s specialities” + a coupon “Save 50% for desserts”.  Or a simple coupon “Save this coupon to come back by 12/31/2015 and save 50% on your next dinner”.

4) Shorten your URL with bit.ly. Copy and paste it into the “landing page” field… and it’s all done!


Users connecting to your Wi-Fi network will be redirected to the landing page after the authentication. Check the number of views and clicks on your landing page in real-time!

Try Tanaza for free: Tanaza gives you the opportunity to try its software for free for 15 days.
If you are interested, click on the link below!

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How to track performance of video advertisements in the Wi-Fi login page

How to track performance of video advertisements in the Wi-Fi login page

Nowadays, having a YouTube channel for a company is an interesting tool to be attractive and get higher visibility on the internet. The video content can be really diversified: tutorial, demonstration, presentation of a new product, event promotion, presentation of your company etc.
Tanaza allows you to add YouTube videos to your login page, for advertising or promotions. To analyse the performance or your video, you advise you to use the YouTube Analytics tool (or your Vimeo Analytics) together with the Tanaza analytics dashboard.



The objective of the YouTube Analytics is to monitor the results of your videos, overtime and real-time.

You can decide whether to have an overview of your YouTube channel…


How to track performance of video advertisements in the Wi-Fi login page


… or to see details about one specific video.


How to track performance of video advertisements in the Wi-Fi login page


Each report includes metrics like the watched time, the average duration of a video view, the number of views you had, the audience retention, the traffic sources, the engagement reports, the video’s likes and dislikes, the location from where people watched your videos and much more.


How to track performance of video advertisements in the Wi-Fi login page


Two interesting metrics are the “Average percentage seen” which is how much of my video people see (did people see 25%,50%, or 99% of your video?) and the “Average view duration“, given in seconds.

These two metrics make you understand if people are interested about your video or not. With Tanaza, you can set a minimum duration in seconds and the user will not be allowed to skip the video until the countdown ends.


How to track performance of video advertisements in the Wi-Fi login page

YouTube Analytics is full of data that bring you insights about your clientele.
Other metrics that might be interesting for your business are:

  • Geography (if your video is available only to Wi-Fi users, it’s not relevant; instead, if you publicly host the video on Youtube this is relevant because shows the countries with a most engaged audience
  • Demographics of your audience (available only if the video had a lot of views)
  • Playback locations: you can see if your views come from the Youtube portal or from an embedded player (for example, the Youtube video that you embedded in Tanaza Splash Page)
  • Devices: segment users by device (computer, mobile phone or tablet) and operating system
  • Absolute and relative audience retention: see when users leave the video player and discover how you can improve your video
  • Channel’s analytics: analyze your general performance







By using Tanaza and YouTube video player and analytics, your Wi-Fi network becomes a powerful advertising tool.

Thanks to the data collected on your Tanaza dashboard, you will target the right people at the right moment with a contextual video advertisements by displaying videos on your login page.

Usually, people are willing to watch the video because they know that it is “the price to pay” to get free access to your Wi-Fi network. Moreover, if you well targeted your audience, they might be really interested about the video.


Wi-Fi is now more and more recognized as a marketing tool by companies because of its high ROI and its incomparable engagement rate.

Advertising products and services on your login page will bring you additional revenues, but you can also decide like some of our partners, to base your business model on the advertisement and to use the tools to measure results and prove the campaign effectiveness.

If you use Vimeo: Vimeo also has an analytic tool that allows you to get insight about who is watching your video and how many views you have. if you have a pro account, you will access the Vimeo analytics dashboard which give you access to a quick overview of your impression, plays, finishes, likes, comments, most popular videos etc.
You have the possibility to create and export custom reports.



Adding a video to Tanaza Splash Page is super-simple:

1) Copy the URL of the Youtube video or the Vimeo video.

2) Log in to your Cloud dashboard, choose the SSID and the Tanaza Splash Page you want to add the video to.

3) Once you have chosen the splash page you want to add the video advertisement to. Go to Setting > Advertising, check “Force view of a video on each access on the splash page”.

4) Select Video as your MEDIA TYPE. Paste the Youtube URL/s.

4) In this tab, you can also configure the duration of the video and its rotation (none, random or time-based).

See GIF below for a better idea or click here to watch a video.


How to track performance of video advertisements in the Wi-Fi login page

SAVE and It’s all done!


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