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WiFi marketing for Bars and Restaurants

by May 31, 2021Classic Hotspot, Public Hotspots, Wi-Fi marketing

WiFi Marketing for Bars and Restaurants
WiFi Marketing is when a retailer or a restaurant owner provides wireless Internet access to its customers and then uses it as a channel to collect customer information. We might have observed that anyplace we go for dine-in, we get free WiFi. Well, this is a marketing strategy that will help you take a long way. For logging on to a restaurant WiFi network, network managers can provide users with an option to log in via their social media accounts or email addresses.

By providing free WiFi access to your customers, you are building a database of customer contacts. This database will be of great use as you can use it to send messages, promotions, or coupons to your customers. It is no surprise if WiFi marketing is not the first thing that comes into your mind.

Present a Customized Splash Page

With the help of WiFi marketing, you can grow your online presence by using a customized splash page. Classic Hotspot provides you with the software for WiFi hotspot management that allows users to turn their public hotspots into a marketing tool. It is the best way of increasing your social exposure and revenues.

Classic Hotspot provides you with a built-in captive portal that enables network managers to personalize the WiFi user’s login to the WiFi network. Classic Hotspot by Tanaza allows users to set up WiFi guest networks. It is up to the administrator to choose the login method to grant guest WiFi access through password, open access, or vouchers.

The captive portal or Splash page/login page/ splash portal/ landing page, is the page that a guest WiFi user sees before accessing a public WiFi network. With this web page, users authenticate themselves and then register to the WiFi network.

You can customize your splash pages accordingly by inserting the audio-video ads, displaying compelling messages that users will see during the authentication process. This captive portal is a powerful marketing tool that collects user data and segments it for tailored marketing campaigns.

The best part of using these splash pages is that you can either choose from the templates provided or create your own from scratch. With the various options for customization, you can design your splash page with a drag and drop feature that makes work easier.

Choose the right WiFi Authentication Login

Setting up the right login mode for your WiFi network is quite important. The users often look for the more convenient option for logging in to the WiFi network, which is not time-consuming. Classic Hotspot provides you with various options for login modes that allow you to gather different types of information regarding your customers. It all depends on the network administrator to choose from email authentication, button login, telephone number, or social login. The most famous and time-saving among them is a social login. 

Most people access the WiFi by using the Social Login as it is the fastest and easiest login mode for public places such as bars and restaurants. Classic Hotspot allows you simultaneous types of authentication. You will be able to configure it in the Splash Page Editor by choosing the login button component. After selecting the button, select the desired login method from the login type drop-down menu. There are various types of authentication methods such as:

  • Social Logins (Logins via social networking sites)
  • Logins by Phone, Email, Email and phone, code and social, SMS, Form login
  • Paid WiFi (Couponing System)

Under the Paid WiFi system, the Classic Hotspot by Tanaza allows administrators to give users access via a code they create and customize. To enable this, you have to enable the Coupon authentication method on your splash page.

Generate Leads from WiFi

Providing your customers with WiFi access will help you know your customers better. By using the Classic Hotspot captive portal, you will collect data about WiFi users in a location. It allows the WiFi administrators to generate leads for the end-user customers. It is pretty simple and can be applied to any customer that has a physical location. 

With the help of the Classic Hotspot platform, you would be able to position your brand and services better. Lead-generation through WiFi is quite cost-effective as there will be only fixed costs which will not be based on the number of collected leads.

Classic Hotspot captive portal comes featured with multiple authentication methods, and you can choose the one convenient for your users. With the help of WiFi, bars and restaurants would gather real and up-to-date insights about their clientele. 

Network administrators can generate tons of leads through the Classic Hotspot captive portal. They can then export the collected data to a third-party marketing application like Mailchimp. The information of the WiFi users collected by the captive portal is automatically stored within Classic Hotspot’s analytic dashboard. It is a web-based tool to access social stats and client’s contact details.

Engage with your customer’s thanks to WiFi

Network administrators will be able to generate more online and offline conversations by engaging with their customers. When connected to WiFi, customers are more likely to look for discounts or offers. Using attractive splash pages can engage your customers to familiarize them with the brand and encourage them to make a purchase, and make them interact with the brand on social media by making them like your page. 

Who doesn’t appreciate a genuine discount? So with the help of a WiFi network, administrators can encourage customers to come back to the venue by offering them discounts or coupons on the splash page. You can also provide them with information regarding any upcoming event.

With the data that the Classic Hotspot platform can collect, you will keep in touch with your customers in various ways. You can send them special offers for their birthdays/anniversaries, and various discount coupons on their devices.

Promote your Social Media Presence

The variety of authentication methods will let users connect to WiFi in ways they find convenient. Classic Hotspot by Tanaza provides users with a wide range of authentication methods to grant access to the Internet. The Social WiFi login allows users to connect to a WiFi network via multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Linked In, and many more. It is one of the best ways to let your customers like your Facebook business page, which struggles to find the likes. 

Using the Classic Hotspot platform, you will find multiple ways to set up your marketing campaigns. When customers choose to login into WiFi with Facebook, you can prompt them to like your page or do a check-in on your Facebook page. You can showcase your happy customers on your news feed. When your customers visit your Facebook business page and like your page, it increases the chances of getting noticed across similar audiences.

Manage and Control Access to WiFi

With the Tanaza, you’ll be able to manage and control the access to your WiFi. The Classic Hotspot by Tanaza will allow you to limit guest access to your WiFi networks. You can create your customized SSID by restricting the bandwidth per client. You can also distribute the WiFi vouchers with limited data and limit the number of devices connected to the network. 

Distributing the data through vouchers is a good way to limit access to the Internet. By doing this, bars and restaurant’s owners can prevent unauthorized access to people who are non-customers. If unauthorized people are connected to the network, it will slow down the speed of the Internet. 

Classic Hotspot platform provides you with various options among them. One is that you can provide your customers with voucher codes. This method will provide the users with a personalized password to access the WiFi network. The primary benefit of using the customized voucher codes is that you can keep unauthorized access away from your network. 

Also, being a network administrator, you will configure data limit, duration, add an expiration date and quota limit. The Classic Hotspot platform also allows you to monitor your vouchers, remaining time, SSID connected to, amount of devices connected, and MAC address.


By now, you have understood the importance of WiFi marketing. If you are still not taking advantage of it, you can miss an opportunity to improve your customer reach. WiFi marketing has its benefits in which you can turn your public hotspot into a lead generation and marketing tool. The public guest WiFi access provides marketing agencies with the unique opportunity to boost their business in a much short time. Join the Classic Hotspot platform today to manage and monitor the guest WiFi experience in the cloud.

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