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How to track performance of video advertisements in the Wi-Fi login page

by Jun 21, 2017Classic Hotspot, Splash Page, WiFi advertising

Nowadays, having a YouTube channel for a company is an interesting tool to be attractive and get higher visibility on the internet. The video content can be really diversified: tutorial, demonstration, presentation of a new product, event promotion, presentation of your company etc.
Tanaza allows you to add YouTube videos to your login page, for advertising or promotions. To analyse the performance or your video, you advise you to use the YouTube Analytics tool (or your Vimeo Analytics) together with the Tanaza analytics dashboard.



The objective of the YouTube Analytics is to monitor the results of your videos, overtime and real-time.

You can decide whether to have an overview of your YouTube channel…


How to track performance of video advertisements in the Wi-Fi login page


… or to see details about one specific video.


How to track performance of video advertisements in the Wi-Fi login page


Each report includes metrics like the watched time, the average duration of a video view, the number of views you had, the audience retention, the traffic sources, the engagement reports, the video’s likes and dislikes, the location from where people watched your videos and much more.


How to track performance of video advertisements in the Wi-Fi login page


Two interesting metrics are the “Average percentage seen” which is how much of my video people see (did people see 25%,50%, or 99% of your video?) and the “Average view duration“, given in seconds.

These two metrics make you understand if people are interested about your video or not. With Tanaza, you can set a minimum duration in seconds and the user will not be allowed to skip the video until the countdown ends.


How to track performance of video advertisements in the Wi-Fi login page

YouTube Analytics is full of data that bring you insights about your clientele.
Other metrics that might be interesting for your business are:

  • Geography (if your video is available only to Wi-Fi users, it’s not relevant; instead, if you publicly host the video on Youtube this is relevant because shows the countries with a most engaged audience
  • Demographics of your audience (available only if the video had a lot of views)
  • Playback locations: you can see if your views come from the Youtube portal or from an embedded player (for example, the Youtube video that you embedded in Tanaza Splash Page)
  • Devices: segment users by device (computer, mobile phone or tablet) and operating system
  • Absolute and relative audience retention: see when users leave the video player and discover how you can improve your video
  • Channel’s analytics: analyze your general performance







By using Tanaza and YouTube video player and analytics, your Wi-Fi network becomes a powerful advertising tool.

Thanks to the data collected on your Tanaza dashboard, you will target the right people at the right moment with a contextual video advertisements by displaying videos on your login page.

Usually, people are willing to watch the video because they know that it is “the price to pay” to get free access to your Wi-Fi network. Moreover, if you well targeted your audience, they might be really interested about the video.


Wi-Fi is now more and more recognized as a marketing tool by companies because of its high ROI and its incomparable engagement rate.

Advertising products and services on your login page will bring you additional revenues, but you can also decide like some of our partners, to base your business model on the advertisement and to use the tools to measure results and prove the campaign effectiveness.

If you use Vimeo: Vimeo also has an analytic tool that allows you to get insight about who is watching your video and how many views you have. if you have a pro account, you will access the Vimeo analytics dashboard which give you access to a quick overview of your impression, plays, finishes, likes, comments, most popular videos etc.
You have the possibility to create and export custom reports.



Adding a video to Tanaza Splash Page is super-simple:

1) Copy the URL of the Youtube video or the Vimeo video.

2) Log in to your Cloud dashboard, choose the SSID and the Tanaza Splash Page you want to add the video to.

3) Once you have chosen the splash page you want to add the video advertisement to. Go to Setting > Advertising, check “Force view of a video on each access on the splash page”.

4) Select Video as your MEDIA TYPE. Paste the Youtube URL/s.

4) In this tab, you can also configure the duration of the video and its rotation (none, random or time-based).

See GIF below for a better idea or click here to watch a video.


How to track performance of video advertisements in the Wi-Fi login page

SAVE and It’s all done!


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