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Main advantages of In-store WiFi for retail

In-Store WiFi for Retail

Main advantages of In-store WiFi for retail

Having WiFi for retail drives towards a huge number of benefits that will help increase the footfall in your store. It is an excellent strategy to acquire customers and increase in-store engagement. Offering free wifi to your in-store shoppers will encourage them to stay longer, and also, the chances of them visiting again significantly will increase.

The success of any shop, departmental store, and shopping mall depends on meeting the customer’s needs. Customer satisfaction is the most important factor if you wish to see your business reach heights. WiFi is a valuable resource since you can collect the customer’s data. The usage of WiFi will allow you to provide a personalized experience to your customers. You will better know your shoppers, and it will improve your service towards them. WiFi helps you target your visitors, and you can also use it as a marketing tool.

Benefits of in-store WiFi for retail

Everyone wants to excel in their business, and shop owners try to use different strategies to attract customers. They often wonder what benefits WiFi brings to their retail business, but let us tell you, it is the best way to enhance the shopping experience for your customers.

Using in-store WiFi for retail will change the way consumers buy. A survey has shown that around 67% of the customers use the internet while shopping. With WiFi, customers will compare the product’s prices, read its reviews, and even browse the deals. Even when customers are in the store, they go online and research a product to compare.

Now shopping has been shifted to provide an omnichannel experience to consumers. Omnichannel retail is a multichannel approach to sales that provides a seamless shopping experience to the customers. Consider a scenario where an article is not available in the store, but customers can track it with a QR code to the online store. The customer will continue shopping after ordering the product, which is possible with a good and stable WiFi connection. Using WiFi as a tool will provide a better customer experience with an increase in sales.

Better market segmentation

WiFi marketing has been in demand for a long time now, and it has benefitted retailers to much extent. WiFi marketing means when a retailer provides WiFi access to its customers and then uses it as a channel to collect customer information.

By using in-store WiFi for retail, you would be able to build a database of customer contacts. When a user authenticates to your WiFi network, they have to provide their personal information such as name, email, age, phone number, gender, and more. The customer will become known to you, and network admins will use the data to identify and segment their customers accordingly.

With the Classic Hotspot platform, network admins would be able to create personalized captive portals. Classic Hotspot also provides network admins with an option to choose among various user authentication methods such as email authentication, button login, telephone number, or social login.

Using the Classic Hotspot platform, you will find multiple ways to set up your marketing campaign. It is the best way of increasing your social exposure and revenues. With the data collected, you can keep in touch with your customers in various ways. You can send them push notifications for special offers for their birthdays/anniversaries, and various discount coupons on their devices.

The Importance of Data Security of in-store wifi for retail

Data security is one of the major concerns which comes into the minds of retail store owners when they consider installing a WiFi network. Every customer visiting your store doesn’t need to login again and again since they can use social login, which increases the security of your business. However, customers visiting a store with an unsecured network can compromise the store’s confidential data and put risk on other customers’ data. 

To improve WiFi security, network admins must constantly check their usernames and passwords to ensure that only authorized persons can connect to the network. The Classic Hotspot’s communication architecture and protocols are explicitly designed to provide the highest levels of security. The traffic coming from client devices and access point management passes through a 256-bit SSL encrypted tunnel separated for safety. 

Improve your network security with Classic Hotspot domains that are certified. The platform is hosted on Amazon Web Services to ensure the highest levels of reliability in the market.

Enhance Customer Experience

How to Enhance Customer Experience

It is no surprise that providing WiFi to users is not the first thing that comes to mind when expanding business. But it’s important to understand that it is not a mere tool just to provide free WiFi. It also helps enhance the customer experience, which will eventually benefit the retailers. 

Network admins would capture and analyze the data they fetched from the customers to better understand them. The Classic Hotspot platform comes featured with an analytics dashboard where network admins can analyze all data collected from the WiFi network to detect the customer’s shopping trends. This will further help retailers to strategize their marketing campaigns accordingly. 

For instance, if you see that families are the primary shoppers during the weekends, you can accordingly focus your sales strategy on the children’s section. Or if you believe more female shoppers are visiting during certain hours, you can target them with discounts on female clothing.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Using WiFi as a marketing strategy will take you a long way in expanding your business. Providing your customers with free WiFi access will let you know your customers better. The Classic Hotspot platform will help you collect the data effectively, and you can export the list of your WiFi users to any CRM and marketing platform such as Mailchimp. 

Classic Hotspot allows you to generate new contacts and data in different ways. You can run high ROI marketing campaigns by sending users personalized emails to promote your new products, discounts, and collections. The ‘Remember me’ feature by Classic Hotspot lets users connect to the WiFi automatically once they return to the WiFi area they have already been in. This will increase the customer’s loyalty, and they will be happy to shop more. The Classic Hotspot platform helps you learn about your customers, which eventually enables you to target your shoppers based on their interests.

Increase Visibility On Social Media

With various authentication methods available within the Classic Hotspot platform, users can choose to log in from the most relevant one. Setting up the right login mode for your WiFi network is quite important. Social login is the fastest and easiest login mode for public places among all authentication methods. It is also the most suitable method to increase social visibility and online engagement quickly and efficiently. 

With social login, you can also make the users like your social accounts such as Facebook Business page. It is an excellent way to get attention to your business. You will be able to provide more information about the business to the users regarding your venue, promotions, and discounts that you have on offer. 

Through this, more people would be able to know about your business. The Classic Hotspot platform also allows network admins to get real-time data reports. They will personalize the client’s experience, monitor their social media hotspot usage, compare Facebook insights and social media analytics on their dashboards.

Over time the way consumers shop has changed drastically. To keep your customers engaged in your retail store, you have to look out for ways to keep up with your shopper’s demand. Offering WiFi for retail is quite beneficial, considering the perks that come with it. WiFi is an asset for your business that allows customers to connect to your business and directly influence them. It is the best opportunity to grow your sales and increase customer satisfaction. Enabling an omnichannel experience will result in more sales and will increase customer loyalty. 

Start a free trial of the Classic Hotspot platform and personalize the consumer’s shopping experience while enhancing your brand awareness and boosting sales.

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WiFi marketing for Bars and Restaurants

WiFi marketing for Bars and Restaurants

WiFi Marketing for Bars and Restaurants
WiFi Marketing is when a retailer or a restaurant owner provides wireless Internet access to its customers and then uses it as a channel to collect customer information. We might have observed that anyplace we go for dine-in, we get free WiFi. Well, this is a marketing strategy that will help you take a long way. For logging on to a restaurant WiFi network, network managers can provide users with an option to log in via their social media accounts or email addresses.

By providing free WiFi access to your customers, you are building a database of customer contacts. This database will be of great use as you can use it to send messages, promotions, or coupons to your customers. It is no surprise if WiFi marketing is not the first thing that comes into your mind.

Present a Customized Splash Page

With the help of WiFi marketing, you can grow your online presence by using a customized splash page. Classic Hotspot provides you with the software for WiFi hotspot management that allows users to turn their public hotspots into a marketing tool. It is the best way of increasing your social exposure and revenues.

Classic Hotspot provides you with a built-in captive portal that enables network managers to personalize the WiFi user’s login to the WiFi network. Classic Hotspot by Tanaza allows users to set up WiFi guest networks. It is up to the administrator to choose the login method to grant guest WiFi access through password, open access, or vouchers.

The captive portal or Splash page/login page/ splash portal/ landing page, is the page that a guest WiFi user sees before accessing a public WiFi network. With this web page, users authenticate themselves and then register to the WiFi network.

You can customize your splash pages accordingly by inserting the audio-video ads, displaying compelling messages that users will see during the authentication process. This captive portal is a powerful marketing tool that collects user data and segments it for tailored marketing campaigns.

The best part of using these splash pages is that you can either choose from the templates provided or create your own from scratch. With the various options for customization, you can design your splash page with a drag and drop feature that makes work easier.

Choose the right WiFi Authentication Login

Setting up the right login mode for your WiFi network is quite important. The users often look for the more convenient option for logging in to the WiFi network, which is not time-consuming. Classic Hotspot provides you with various options for login modes that allow you to gather different types of information regarding your customers. It all depends on the network administrator to choose from email authentication, button login, telephone number, or social login. The most famous and time-saving among them is a social login. 

Most people access the WiFi by using the Social Login as it is the fastest and easiest login mode for public places such as bars and restaurants. Classic Hotspot allows you simultaneous types of authentication. You will be able to configure it in the Splash Page Editor by choosing the login button component. After selecting the button, select the desired login method from the login type drop-down menu. There are various types of authentication methods such as:

  • Social Logins (Logins via social networking sites)
  • Logins by Phone, Email, Email and phone, code and social, SMS, Form login
  • Paid WiFi (Couponing System)

Under the Paid WiFi system, the Classic Hotspot by Tanaza allows administrators to give users access via a code they create and customize. To enable this, you have to enable the Coupon authentication method on your splash page.

Generate Leads from WiFi

Providing your customers with WiFi access will help you know your customers better. By using the Classic Hotspot captive portal, you will collect data about WiFi users in a location. It allows the WiFi administrators to generate leads for the end-user customers. It is pretty simple and can be applied to any customer that has a physical location. 

With the help of the Classic Hotspot platform, you would be able to position your brand and services better. Lead-generation through WiFi is quite cost-effective as there will be only fixed costs which will not be based on the number of collected leads.

Classic Hotspot captive portal comes featured with multiple authentication methods, and you can choose the one convenient for your users. With the help of WiFi, bars and restaurants would gather real and up-to-date insights about their clientele. 

Network administrators can generate tons of leads through the Classic Hotspot captive portal. They can then export the collected data to a third-party marketing application like Mailchimp. The information of the WiFi users collected by the captive portal is automatically stored within Classic Hotspot’s analytic dashboard. It is a web-based tool to access social stats and client’s contact details.

Engage with your customer’s thanks to WiFi

Network administrators will be able to generate more online and offline conversations by engaging with their customers. When connected to WiFi, customers are more likely to look for discounts or offers. Using attractive splash pages can engage your customers to familiarize them with the brand and encourage them to make a purchase, and make them interact with the brand on social media by making them like your page. 

Who doesn’t appreciate a genuine discount? So with the help of a WiFi network, administrators can encourage customers to come back to the venue by offering them discounts or coupons on the splash page. You can also provide them with information regarding any upcoming event.

With the data that the Classic Hotspot platform can collect, you will keep in touch with your customers in various ways. You can send them special offers for their birthdays/anniversaries, and various discount coupons on their devices.

Promote your Social Media Presence

The variety of authentication methods will let users connect to WiFi in ways they find convenient. Classic Hotspot by Tanaza provides users with a wide range of authentication methods to grant access to the Internet. The Social WiFi login allows users to connect to a WiFi network via multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Linked In, and many more. It is one of the best ways to let your customers like your Facebook business page, which struggles to find the likes. 

Using the Classic Hotspot platform, you will find multiple ways to set up your marketing campaigns. When customers choose to login into WiFi with Facebook, you can prompt them to like your page or do a check-in on your Facebook page. You can showcase your happy customers on your news feed. When your customers visit your Facebook business page and like your page, it increases the chances of getting noticed across similar audiences.

Manage and Control Access to WiFi

With the Tanaza, you’ll be able to manage and control the access to your WiFi. The Classic Hotspot by Tanaza will allow you to limit guest access to your WiFi networks. You can create your customized SSID by restricting the bandwidth per client. You can also distribute the WiFi vouchers with limited data and limit the number of devices connected to the network. 

Distributing the data through vouchers is a good way to limit access to the Internet. By doing this, bars and restaurant’s owners can prevent unauthorized access to people who are non-customers. If unauthorized people are connected to the network, it will slow down the speed of the Internet. 

Classic Hotspot platform provides you with various options among them. One is that you can provide your customers with voucher codes. This method will provide the users with a personalized password to access the WiFi network. The primary benefit of using the customized voucher codes is that you can keep unauthorized access away from your network. 

Also, being a network administrator, you will configure data limit, duration, add an expiration date and quota limit. The Classic Hotspot platform also allows you to monitor your vouchers, remaining time, SSID connected to, amount of devices connected, and MAC address.


By now, you have understood the importance of WiFi marketing. If you are still not taking advantage of it, you can miss an opportunity to improve your customer reach. WiFi marketing has its benefits in which you can turn your public hotspot into a lead generation and marketing tool. The public guest WiFi access provides marketing agencies with the unique opportunity to boost their business in a much short time. Join the Classic Hotspot platform today to manage and monitor the guest WiFi experience in the cloud.

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Collect verified phone numbers from your WiFi network

Collect verified phone numbers from your WiFi network

Free Internet Browsing
Tanaza aims to develop its latest features according to its customers’ needs.
Because of this, it is now possible for WiFi network administrators to set up a custom form WiFi authentication together with a phone number verification.

This new feature enables WiFi network administrators to verify the phone number of its WiFi users once they have logged in through a custom form.

The custom form authentication allows owners of venues to collect personalised data about their clientele and enrich their database for marketing purposes. For example, using the custom form, theWiFi network administrator at a mall could ask WiFi users their gender, their favourite clothing brand, or if they want to receive special offers via email etc.

Collect verified phone numbers from WiFi users
In addition to personalised data and their email address, WiFi network administrators have now the possibility to ask and verify users phone number by simply adding the field “phone number (with SMS verification)”to the custom form, so that once the user fills the form and clicks on the button, an OTP (One Time Password) will be sent to that mobile number, that the user will copy into the splash page in order to complete the login.
The administrator of a network will be able to run marketing campaigns and leverage collected phone numbers, after asking WiFi users’ consent.

Moreover, each user can access the network with one single phone number for multiple devices which allows the administrator to understand better the total number of single users.   

Phone Number with SMS Verification - Tanaza

Tanaza new feature idea: Leverage custom form fields to obtain more data about WiFi users

Tanaza new feature idea: Leverage custom form fields to obtain more data about WiFi users

Social Login Prefils Form Blog Photo


WiFi Social login facilitates the customers’ experience when trying to connect to a WiFi network and provides user data to network administrators who wish to promote their product or service based on data-driven decisions.

When deploying a public WiFi network, authentication methods like WiFi social login can help any type of business generate new leads and increase its brand awareness. The social login authentication method gathers important data like user email address, phone number, gender, age, birth date, location, and name, etc.

Thanks to Tanaza’s WiFi Authentication Splash Page, which already includes social login capabilities, network administrators can leverage the personal data shared on social networks to create targeted marketing campaigns based on a user’s profile info. However, as not all users make their information public on their social networks, in some cases it is possible that the user data provided by social networks is not enough to develop a targeted marketing campaign.



With this in mind, Tanaza has plans to develop a new feature that helps network administrators collect custom data in addition to the data already collected once they have already authenticated using popular methods like social login.

The idea behind this feature is to provide a system that allows network administrators to request additional information about their users by inserting a custom form field after social authentication and before optional social actions that users must fill in before connecting to the WiFi. Furthermore, since the data collected is not always 100% reliable, this feature could also function as a form of verification regarding the accuracy of any previous data collected.



One of the most common use case scenarios where a feature like this could be applied is one where network administrators deploy public hotspots in locations like shopping centers in order to collect relevant data about their visitors.

So, say a user at a mall authenticates through social login, the network administrator could also use custom form fields to request additional info, such as their fidelity card number and their mobile number. The fidelity card number would enable the network administrator to understand who the user is and targeted it more closely with discounts and offers tailored specifically to the user, whereas the mobile number would serve as a verification system in order to identify the number of users (one phone number = one wifi user) or to avoid the creation of fake accounts. A OTP (One Time Password) would be sent to the mobile number, which the user would be asked to copy-paste the code into the splash page in order to complete the login.

This feature could allow network admins to practice data profiling with the data collected using popular login methods like social login or coupons, and at the same time collect custom verified data to support a variety of loyalty marketing campaigns.

The incremental field verification feature could be made available after any kind of login available on the captive portal, including coupons. If you wish to see this feature developed by Tanaza’s R&D team, you can upvote it on our success portal.

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Next steps for Tanaza


New Tanaza feature idea: collect customized users’ data together with verified phone numbers

New Tanaza feature idea: collect customized users’ data together with verified phone numbers

new feature idea

The situation

When setting up WiFi guest access with the Tanaza captive portal, network administrators can choose among different login modes, such as social login, email authentication, phone number authentication, custom form, etc. These authentication methods gather data like email address, phone number, gender, age, birth date, location etc.

The form-based authentication is particularly useful when deploying WiFi networks in a hotel or in an airport. Indeed, it allows users to access WiFi by filling in the requested fields in a form and allows network admins to enrich their user database with lots of useful information.

However, the validity of this data is not 100% certain. Tanaza hotspot system allows WiFi administrators to collect data about WiFi users for marketing purposes. Nevertheless, data is not currently verified by the system which may make the collected data less reliable.

Tanaza has plans to help network administrators gather real insights about their WiFi users by implementing a verification system. 

image (1)

The solution


Some network administrators need to guarantee to their end-user customers the accuracy of the collected data. To do this, Tanaza has plans to develop a form-based authentication with phone number verification which would allow WiFi administrators to gather custom data about WiFi users together with a verified phone number.

 The scenario would be for example, in a hotel the network administrator sets up guest access with form-based authentication, asking information like name, surname, type of traveller (couple, family, worker, group), and a required field for phone number. Once the user fills the form and clicks on the button, an OTP (One Time Password) will be sent to that mobile number, that the user will copy into the splash page in order to complete the login.


It is more or less the same process than creating a Facebook account or a WhatsApp account. This feature could also be developed for the social login authentication so that the phone numbers gathered through Facebook WiFi authentication are verified, as well.

 This feature would allow WiFi administrators of public places to collect verified data for marketing purposes. Indeed, after asking for WiFi users consent, the network administrator can run marketing campaign using the phone numbers collected.

Moreover, Tanaza Remember Me feature allows one returning user to automatically connect to the WiFi network using the same device, without seeing the splash page again. One single user can access the network with the same phone number for multiple devices which allows the administrator to understand better the number of single user.    

If you like the feature of the phone verification together with the form-based authentication, you can upvote the idea on our website success.tanaza.


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How WiFi can become your new marketing tool?

How WiFi can become your new marketing tool?

How WiFi can become your new marketing tool? WiFi for Marketing


WiFi is now recognized as a powerful tool for venues to retain customers and increase the time they spend on premises. In a recent survey, 62% of the business owners surveyed said that customers spent more time in their shop facility once WiFi was available. Moreover, 50% said that customers are willing to spend more money when having access to a WiFi network. In this article, we will explain how you can use your WiFi as an effective marketing tool.

First of all, offering a WiFi network within your venue is a real plus and allows you to enhance your customer’s experience, but it is also a way to get more information about your clientele thanks to the data capture. Indeed Tanaza enables the Social Login, an authentication process through social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram etc.

As soon as your customers connect to the WiFi, their data are collected. All these information are stored on your online dashboard: gender, age, location, phone number, email address.  We strongly recommend you to use a permission-based approach by offering your customers the ability to opt-in.   Once you know better your customers, you will be able to engage them through personalised email newsletters, targeting a specific segment to adapt your offer and promote your events. Inform your customers and keep contact with them to encourage them to come back in your venue.

How WiFi can become your new marketing tool? WiFi for Marketing
Moreover, allowing the Social Login WiFi will help you to get higher visibility on social media: you can ask your customers to like your Facebook page, check-in in your venue, rate your page on TripAdvisor, tweet something about your event etc. According to statistics, 50% of people learn about restaurants and cafés on social media. Social login WiFi has a lot of advantages, for more information, you can read this article. 

WiFi in your location allows you to personalise the customer’s experience too. Tanaza software recognises your customers so that they can access the network automatically and make them feel like at home. You can redirect your customers to a landing page or your online store and encourage them to buy your products.

This is particularly useful for the retail industry because you can leverage the customizable Tanaza login page to advertise your brand and products and target your customers in a personalized way. For example, you can add discount coupons for new customers to use on their next visit, as a way to incentivize them to come back to your location. 

How WiFi can become your new marketing tool? WiFi for Marketing