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Tanaza API

Be creative! Get started with our APIs and create your unique app.

Thanks to Tanaza APIs, you can now get access to the Tanaza Cloud Dashboard data set, and use it in many creative and useful ways.

Tanaza releases three types of APIs:

  1. Network management API
  2. Network monitoring API
  3. Application API

Monitoring API


Monitoring API includes the following information:

  • Which networks and APs are in your account
  • Per each AP: label, MAC address, SSIDs, the timestamp of the latest packet received by Tanaza, the current status
  • SSIDs currently active. Per each one: label, list of the connected clients
  • Connected clients, strenght of the signal (in dBm)

Push notifications


Tanaza Push Contact Notifications is a new pre-released feature that allows customers to receive updates about events.

Each customer will be able to expose a public endpoint where the Tanaza Infrastructure will deliver notification messages (through HTTP Post Request) with useful information about the event.


Thanks to Tanaza powerful analytics and data capture tools, you will collect a large amount of statistics, insights, contacts of your Wi-Fi clients.

To leverage the power of this data, you can integrate your Tanaza Social Dashboard with many 3rd party applications, including the most used marketing and CRM platforms. Tanaza insights allow you to measure your Social Wi-Fi results and run high-ROI marketing and sales campaigns. You can also export contacts and statistics in .csv format and transfer them to your favorite software, even if it’s not included in the list below.

Hubspot Tanaza technology partners integration API
Zendesk Tanaza technology partners integration API
Mailchimp Tanaza technology partners integration API
Salesforce Tanaza technology partners integration API
Marketo Tanaza technology partners integration API
Constant Contact Tanaza technology partners integration API
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