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Classic Hotspot is a WiFi cloud management software that allows WiFi administrators to control WiFi infrastructures remotely.
Classic Hotspot offers a lot of features and provides the end user with a reliable WiFi network easy to configure.

Why do you need Classic Hotspot?

If you want to enhance your customers experience and leverage the benefits of a public hotspot, then you need Classic Hotspot.

In few words, Classic Hotspot allows you to create WiFi hotspot in your venue and to configure each aspect of the network: free WiFi, social login, paid WiFi with coupons, advertising, data capture, content filtering etc.

Why opt for a Classic Hotspot Partner?

Classic Hotspot Partners are WiFi professionals using Classic Hotspot as part of their solutions. They are able to offer you a reliable WiFi network adapted to your location and expectations.
Choosing a Classic Hotspot Partner is choosing the facility and the reliability: your WiFi administrator can configure your network and monitor any aspects of the infrastructure remotely.

Find your Classic Hotspot Partner

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