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Advertise your brand using WiFi

WiFi as advertising tool

Many businesses are shifting their advertising tactics from traditional digital advertising towards WiFi Advertising.

Why is WiFi advertising important?

With the developing WiFi market now at its peak, WiFi hotspots have become the preferred medium for businesses to engage with their clients and increase their brand awareness. 

One of the greatest things about offering a Wi-Fi connection at your location is that by properly configuring your splash page you can collect useful data, promote your brand,  save on your advertising budget and target more closely a niche group of users with customized advertisements and promotions, in order to encourage them to interact with your business. 


How to leverage WiFi as an advertising tool?

If you offer WiFi at your location, you know that you are offering a much-wanted service that most of your customers will benefit from. Since most are likely to connect to your network, your WiFi hotspot is the medium to promote your business for free! This is the right moment to encourage new customers to engage with your brand and to foster brand loyalty with your existing ones. The idea behind WiFi advertising is that you can target the right audience, at the right time – most likely, while at your location when they are willing to buy or share their feedback about your location with their friends. Your network’s authentication page, also known as splash page, is the place where you will display your targeted advertisements, whether they are in image or video format. Based on the data you have obtained about your customer, you can choose what they will see when they log onto your network; they will automatically see whichever type of advertisement you choose to show them for a designated amount of time before being given access to your WiFi.

Display your advertisements on

the Classic Hotspot splash page

Many of our clients choose Classic Hotspot for a personalizable WiFi splash page. A splash page can be considered a valuable promotional space that enables businesses to engage with their clients with the right content, at the right time. Thanks to this built-in feature, which includes an editor, you can customize your splash page by adding a background, a logo, and image or video advertisements and your preferred authentication method for your customers (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).

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