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After few weeks of testing, Tanaza releases today the Tanaza hotspot roaming functionality, that will be available on all the APs supported by Tanaza.

The hotspot roaming feature is a real plus for your Wi-Fi deployments, as it allows you to deploy a WLAN that offers better performances with a continuous internet session throughout your covered area.

What is the Tanaza roaming ?

Tanaza hotspot roaming works for all networks with captive portal authentication.
The roaming feature allows your Wi-Fi users to always remain connected while at your location. The user will authenticate to your Wi-Fi network only once and then, their device will switch from one access points to another automatically, without displaying the splash page
every time it connects to a new AP. This allows the users’ internet session to be continuous.

Hotspot roaming is a real advantage for your WLAN when multiple access points are deployed within one location, in places like malls, hotels, sport venues, universities, bars, cafés, public spaces, etc.

  • Practical case 1: A customer in a shopping mall
    The customer will authenticate when he arrives and will be able to move from one shop to another without getting disconnected

The client’ device will roam from one access point to another within the wirelessly-covered area, allowing clients to continue with their online browsing while moving within the hotel (corridor, lobby, restaurant, rooms…). Basically,  this means that if a client is reading his email in his bedroom, he can move to the hotel’s garden and check his Facebook account without seeing the captive portal again.

Tanaza hotspot roaming allows clients to use the most common web applications to browse the internet, stream online videos, chat using whatsapp, view social media, without experiencing disconnections from the Wi-Fi.

From a technical point of view, the pros of Tanaza’s hotspot roaming system are:

  • Hotspot Roaming on multi-vendor networks.

Tanaza’s core value is its multi-vendor approach. With the new hotspot roaming feature, Tanaza  allows you to work with your favorite devices and guarantees you the hotspot roaming functionalities even between access points from different vendors (including Ubiquiti, MikroTiK, TP-Link, D-Link, Netgear…).

  • Hotspot Roaming does not require devices to work on the same channels.

To avoid any problem with interferences, you don’t need to set the same channel for your access points to activate the hotspot roaming. This characteristic is very useful when you have a lot of access points that can interfere with each other. No interferences, no disconnections.

  • Seamless roaming between indoor and outdoor APs.

To optimize the experience of your customer, the roaming feature allows your Wi-Fi users to remain connected at all times, even when they are roaming from an indoor to an outdoor access point.