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Classic hotspot system for Cisco Meraki APs users

by Sep 21, 2018

Cisco Meraki AP Tanaza Hotspots Compatibility

Classic Hotspot system is now compatible with Cisco Meraki APs, indoor and outdoor.

The Classic Hotspot compatibility with Cisco Meraki APs enables WiFi professionals to utilize Classic Hotspot features on CIsco Meraki devices, without replacing the vendor’s firmware.

The integration between Classic Hotspot and Cisco Meraki APs enables Meraki Cloud Dashboard users to continue managing their access points from the Meraki interface while simultaneously using the Classic Hotspot captive portal. With Classic Hotspot, the WiFi network administrator can also customize the splash page of multi-vendor networks, composed of access points of different brands (including Meraki) from a single centralized dashboard.

Thanks to this new integration, Cisco Meraki users can set up free and paid hotspots with the Classic Hotspot captive portal. This means that WiFi network administrators will be able to create and customise their captive portals, collect data about WiFi users, and leverage their WiFi networks for marketing purposes.

Splash Pages Cisco Meraki APs

The Classic Hotspot features such as the analytics dashboard, “remember me” and the splash page editor with its advertising tool and its multiple authentication methods, such as custom forms, social login and the couponing system, etc, will be available on Meraki-based WiFi hotspots.


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This compatibility is still in BETA stage and is available on request for any Meraki devices.

If you would like to test out this new integration, please contact sales@tanaza.com.


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Tanaza core is to provide an all in one software that empowers the feature set of 3rd party access points in the SMB range, adding an extremely easy to use hotspot software.

Since our customers, mainly channel partners, MSPs, system integrators, were extremely satisfied to use Tanaza for cost-efficient deployments and highly valued our hotspot features, they expressed interest in using it also with their more enterprise deployments.

For this reason, we listened to the feedback from our community for ideas and decided to make Tanaza’s hotspot system compatible with Cisco Meraki devices.


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