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A cost- effective solution

Eksaip is an Italian Value Added Distributor that offers products and services for connectivity to a wide range of clients, from nursing homes to WISPs, at an international Level.

Eksaip relies on the services offered by Classic Hotspot, in order to better meet its target clients’ needs. Given the constantly evolving wireless environment, they chose Classic Hotspot because they were looking for an innovative but cost-effective solution. In particular, a solution that was also cloud-based, easy to manage, reliable, affordable, and yet effective.

By meeting all these requirements, Classic Hotspot turned out to be the right choice. In fact, since Classic Hotspot network’s deployment, configuration, and management are done 100% remotely, Eksaip has increased its efficiency in delivering its services, and saved in costs.

Eksaip values Classic Hotspot innovative multi-vendor approach and it is captive on LAN function, which allows them to effectively extend their solution to network deployments made up of different vendors. Regarding their future projects, Eksaip aims to add the social Wi-Fi provided by Classic Hotspot to their existing networks as social features are becoming a much-requested feature amongst their clients. In doing so, the company plans to provide social login as an up-sell service to its existing clients.

WI-FI services for a WISP

Thanks to Classic Hotspot, Eksaip offers white label services to a WISP which, interestingly, not only provides connectivity, but it also offers marketing solutions for its clients, such as event organization through social media. Accordingly, Eksaip offers this client with different services: from connectivity management to social features. Thanks to this set of features, the WISP can promote its own marketing solutions while also leveraging the benefits of Classic Hotspot white label services.

Connectivity for public premises

Eksaip’s services are currently being used to offer free connectivity in public places, such as bars and restaurants. For instance, Eksaip’s main client, a WISP, uses the white labeled Classic Hotspot Captive Portal to promote its brand and services to their clients in public locations. Moreover, because Classic Hotspot white label services allow the rebranding of the logo and the personalization of the login page’ s background, the WISP can effectively advertise a company’s brand image on the network’s login page, and at the same time, offer a set of marketing solutions to the hotspot owner.

Connectivity for local events

Thanks to Eksaip, its client, the WISP can also offers free connectivity during local events, i.e. fairs, exhibitions, concerts, and benefits from the Classic Hotspot Captive Portal to enable users to authenticate and access their Wi-Fi networks in an easy way featuring different authentication processes, such as access through email addresses, phone numbers, and social login (all features facilitated by Classic Hotspot).

The social login feature is the most coveted by the Wisp, mostly because it enables its users to log into Wi-Fi using their favorite social networks, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In doing so, users are free to like the WISP’s Facebook page and share their positions through a “Check-in” when registering to a free Wi-Fi network.

Social Wi-Fi is a quick and user-friendly way to let people authenticate to your network with a simple click, instead of more traditional time-consuming processes i.e. standard SMS. Through social login, the WISP can collect and store useful data about connected users – such as age, gender and the number of connections to the Wi-Fi network – on the Classic Hotspot social dashboard, and use it for their marketing campaigns and statistics.

Thanks to Classic Hotspot, the WISP can then export the list of contacts to external marketing tools, such as MailChimp, in order to send customized WiFi-based emails.

Classic Hotspot top features in Eksaip’s opinion

Authentication Page

The easiness and effectiveness through which Eksaip’s WISP client can set up the
captive portals offered by Classic Hotspot for user authentication, are among the perks most appreciated.

Thanks to Classic Hotspot, it takes only a few steps to build an easy-to-access, customizable login page: network admins only need to replace the Classic Hotspot logo with the one of their company, change colors and background, add their preferred authentication method, choosing among emailbased, phone-based, form-based, or social login access – and publish banners or videos advertisements with random or time-based rotation to advertise in a simple and effective way one’s own services.

The responsive login page offered by Classic Hotspot is easy to configure and to access, and yet it is a sophisticated tool through which companies can effectively promote their services and advertise their brands.

Wi-Fi marketing integrations

Eksaip’s clients collect a large number of statistics, insights and contacts of their Wi-Fi users through Classic Hotspot data capture and analytics tool. Thanks to Classic Hotspot, they can leverage the power of this data in an intuitive way even without being marketing professionals.

Indeed, Classic Hotspot social dashboard can be integrated with any marketing and CRM platform, so as to measure their social Wi-Fi results and run personalized marketing campaigns. In particular, they find the integrated MailChimp Connector extremely useful, as it is very intuitive: once configured, it allows to add automatically the list of contacts gathered through Wi-Fi to a Mail-Chimp list.

The process is very simple, as anytime a new Wi-Fi user logs in, the Mailchimp Connector adds him as a “subscriber” in the selected Mailchimp list. After that, it is possible to send or trigger emails and personalized campaigns. With Classic Hotspot, Eksaip’s clients have the unique possibility to turn their Wi-Fi network into a powerful marketing tool in a successful and simple way.

Social Login

Through Classic Hotspot, the WISP benefits from social Wi-Fi in order to increase brand awareness and boost its social visibility. Classic Hotspot features multiple user authentication methods via social login, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin.

In this way, in order to gain access to the Wi-Fi, users are encouraged to perform social actions, such as liking the company’s Facebook page or posting a Facebook check -in to share their location. As a result of authentication through social networks, customers are able to interact more with brands on social platforms while also improving the whole user experience.

Analytics Dashboard

When users authenticate to a network, the WISP collects a broad range of data, i.e. the number of sessions, the number of new and returning users, and the number of Likes collected through Wi-Fi.

Thanks to the multitenant cloud-based platform provided by Classic Hotspot, the WISP can easily store and share this information with third parties, and segment it according to a variety of parameters, such as age range, gender, location and login flow. In this easy and yet effective way, companies can analyze Wi-Fi user data in order to create personalized campaigns and offer tailored promotions.