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Why the universities need Wi-Fi

With the development of digital learning platforms, Wi-Fi is now a fundamental service for students in universities. Useful for students, staff and visitors, free Wi-Fi in universities allows educational institutions to develop collaborative and interactive learning and enhance their digital studies’ curriculum.

Our partner

The Lisbon School of Design through Tanaza Classic’s partner Nauinfor has chosen Tanaza Classic’s networking solution to provide its students with a seamless and reliable internet connection. The network was deployed in 2015 and hosts more than 1000 users and over 7300 connections each week. The biggest challenge of the Lisbon School of Design’s IT team was to implement a network powerful enough to support the use of personal and mobile devices while having 60 concurrent users, without experiencing disconnections.

Top Features

Remote Management

Tanaza Classic features centralized remote management of Wi-Fi equipment, that allows the network administrator to configure networks and access points remotely, effortlessly. The administrator can access data about the real-time status of each access point and other network statistics.

The solution provided by our partner Nauinfor is made of Tanaza Classic Powered Ubiquiti UniFi access points, that have the Tanaza Classic’s software installed; this allows L.S.D.’s IT team to configure and control easily their Ubiquiti access points from the Tanaza Classic’s cloud.Tanaza Classic.com platform.

Captive Portal

Tanaza Classic features a captive portal that allows the network administrator to set up up to 8 SSIDs per access point. Due to the different group of users using the university Wi-Fi (students, teachers, visitors…), the LSD’s IT team configured 5 SSIDs per device. The first SSID provides free internet access to students and visitors, with a login page (captive portal).

Two other SSIDs require a WPA2 password and are used by technical staff and teachers to access the internet. It is recommended to use these SSIDs for applications that require some security or reserved access, such as using printers or accessing student’s files. Another two private networks are used by the IT staff for infrastructure management and troubleshooting.

The Social Login

Tanaza Classic features social login to access Wi-Fi, in other words allows people to authenticate and get internet access through their favorite social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and others. The login page is available in English and Portuguese with social media login (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, …) as well as registration through a form or via email / phone.

The most popular authentication methods at L.S.D. are email login and Facebook login, used by 40% and 17% of the users respectively. As a result, the social visibility of the LSD brand on Facebook boosted through the 500 posts received on Facebook through the L.S.D. Wi-Fi network.


  • 80 iMac desktop computers for students
  • 30 desktop computers for teachers
  • More than 1000 users
  • 7.300 connections each week

About Nauinfor

Nauinfor is a Tanaza Classic Authorized Partner working with businesses in different sectors, such as hospitality, public places, and retail. Nauinfor is an IT managed solution provider with proven experience deploying Wi-Fi solutions in Portugal.