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Classic Hotspot Features

Captive Portal

Tanaza allows you to enable the captive portal functionalities on your access points, so that you can manage guest access to your WiFi.

Social Login and Data Capture

Tanaza allows login to Wi-Fi through social media, so that you can collect your clients’ personal data.

Analytics Dashboard

Information gathered through Wi-Fi is saved in our dashboard, that allows you to analyze data and get insights about your clientele.

Login Page Editor

Building a responsive login page for your Wi-Fi network is very easy, thanks to Tanaza’s Editor.

Web content filtering

Block WiFi users from browsing inappropriate content, with our web content filter

Mailchimp Connector

Send the list of your Wi-Fi clients to Mailchimp automatically, and trigger automated email marketing campaigns to your users!

Paid WiFi

Tanaza includes a full-functional voucher-based system, that allows you to manage and control paid access to WiFi.

Rogue AP Detection

The Tanaza Rogue AP Detection feature helps you detect any unwanted/unfriendly APs in your network and secure it.