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Tanaza Classic and Caffè Moak

Caffè Moak is an Italian company located in the Sicilian city of Modica (RG) present in many countries that works in the coffee roasting and distribution sector.

Caffè Moak has started to develop a project in Sicily, which aims to improve the customer experience by providing reliable and performing WiFi hotspots to a large number of selected, high-quality bars throughout Sicily that sell the Moak brand. To do so, the company relies on Tanaza Classic’s comprehensive set of features.

Until now, Caffè Moak has successfully covered Eastern Sicily with the WiFi hotspots services provided by Tanaza Classic. As a future project, Caffè Moak plans to expand its network and approximately reach an additional 50 deployed WiFi hotspots in Sicily.

Caffè Moak’s deployments

Caffè Moak is currently deploying a total of 35 access points in the Sicilian territory with Tanaza Classic.

The company offers their clients the sought-after social hotspot services as well as intuitive authentication methods for guest WiFi. In this way, bar owners can protect their WiFi network effectively by authenticating their users, and increase their revenues by virtue of social WiFi.

Main Tanaza Classic features

Login Page

Caffè Moak and their clients appreciate the usability of the login page provided by Tanaza Classic, as it is intuitive and highly customizable. The Tanaza Classic Login Page Editor allows Caffè Moak to add their logo and add advertising through rotating banners, to further promote their brand and products. Furthermore, Caffè Moak’s clients can add their daily menus and special offers on the authentication page, so as to successfully promote their products. Also, Caffè Moak is leveraging Tanaza Classic to promote its renewed ecommerce platform, by simply adding its link to their authentication page: in this way, their e-commerce website will gain higher visibility when users connect to WiFi.

Social Login

Tanaza Classic features different authentication methods to allow users to access a WiFi network. Among them, Caffè Moak particularly values social login, the social-savvy login method that connects users to the selected bars’ networks through their social networks accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc, in one simple click. The company leverages social shareability properly by asking WiFi users to like their Facebook page before they connect, which allows Caffè Moak to increase their social media engagement in a fast way. Thanks to social login, the “viral word of mouth” type of promotion, more and more people are able to hear about their brand, giving Caffè Moak the opportunity to quickly attract new contacts.

Cloud Analytics Dashboard

Caffè Moak selected Tanaza Classic for its easy-to-use Cloud Analytics Dashboard, which allows network admins to analyse WiFi user data collected through the authentication process remotely and in real time. Among the detailed client statistics available, Caffè Moak’s clients can see the session duration and the name of WiFi device to which users are connected. Furthermore, they can also see who is connected to their network and when: in this way, bar owners can protect their internet usage, by tracking users successfully. Also, the connection is 100% reliable and secure, as with Tanaza Classic network admins can separate their private network from their guest access network. In doing so, they can run a separate network for their staff without any extra costs.


35 total managed access points
45,115 connections since January 2016
11,099 new users since January 2016
12,448 total likes
17,9% of total likes is generated by the login page