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Integrating Social Wifi In The Marketing Mix

Salonguru is a marketing agency for hair and beauty salons. It helps salons to bring more income and new clients by using many different online channels: websites, salon promotions and vouchers, social media, Google Search, direct email marketing, and loyalty campaigns.

Salonguru recently launched a new system called SOCIALSALON, that allows salons to socially connect with their clients. Clients are able to use in-salon free Wi-Fi, and they sign up using their Social IDs (Facebook, Twitter or Google+). The connected clients start collecting loyalty points, they receive rewards for the actions they take, and they get personalized deals whilst they are in the salon.

How Social WiFi Works

  • SalonGuru sends the AP to the salon, with instructions to install it. Deployment and configuration are 100% remote.
  • Clients sign-in using their social networks on a simple and branded “sign-in splash page”
  • A customisable “I just checked-in” message can be posted to their Facebook Timeline – with title, message, link and image
  • A “welcome” screen is shown – a bespoke page from the salon website just for in-salon clients
  • In-salon deals can appear – only available whilst in the salon
  • Loyalty Points can be awarded for many “actions”
  • Client Profiles info can be updated and added to the database
  • Earned/saved Points can be shown to the client with ways to redeem them
  • Clients will be encouraged to leave Reviews
  • Salons are listed on the web directory http://www.yoursalon.co/
  • Through the Social Salon Dashboard, the salon owner monitors how many new and returning clients connected to his network.

100% Remote Deployment

A TP-LINK TL901ND v3 router is delivered to the Salon with Tanaza Classic software installed, 10 laminated “WiFi area” mirror stickers and a 5 minutes Install Guide.
Deployment is done remotely, as well as configuration. SocialSalon is “plug and play”: the salon connects it to the internet, and the hotspot is ready to register clients using Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.