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Tanaza Classic and Italian Food Trucks

The collaboration between Tanaza Classic and Italian Food Trucks began during the Italian Summer Food Truck Day, an itinerant event that brings together the excellence of Italian street food and wine in many summer holiday locations, especially in Central and South Italy.

The event attracts hundreds of people, mainly tourists, and is promoted by the organizers through social networks, particularly Facebook and Instagram.

Why offer WiFi for Food Trucks

The members of the Italian Food Trucks association relied on Tanaza Classic to improve the effectiveness of their promotional campaigns. In fact, the events were promoted through social networks, which facilitated word of mouth. In order to incentivise word of mouth and circulate information regarding the event, the organizers leveraged the following promotional methods based on Wi-Fi:

  • A multimedia authentication/login page including videos and links

A login page that users use to authenticate to Wi-Fi, which includes the event logo together with two buttons that allow users to share the event on social media, especially on Facebook and Instagram. Before authentication, every user sees a promotional video about the festival that concludes with the list of dates of the festival.

  • Authentication through Facebook like and check-in, or Instagram

Users can only access the internet by authenticating through their Facebook or Instagram accounts. Also, when logging in through Facebook, users were asked to put a Like on the Italian Food Trucks Facebook page and to share their position at the event through Facebook Check-ins.

  • Collection of users’ email addresses

Thanks to the Tanaza Classic Wi-Fi features, event organizers were able to build a wide list of verified email addresses, which enabled them to create a newsletter about all the Italian Food Trucks events. To send this newsletter, the organizers used MailChimp, the email marketing software integrated with Tanaza Classic.

International visibility

As Italian Food Truck Days take place in some of the most visited holiday destinations in Italy, many international tourists attend these events. Accordingly, the association’s Facebook page, together with their events, increased their online visibility abroad.

Thanks to Wi-Fi marketing, the association already received many requests to organise similar events outside Italy, starting next year.

WiFi for Food Trucks, how it works

The Wi-Fi network for Italian Food Trucks was done using affordable devices and with a low budget.

In order to guarantee good coverage in the whole place, and in the most visited areas in particular, 17 wireless devices have been positioned approximately 60-100 meters from one another. Since the area to cover was in the open air, outdoor devices were used. For a good quality-price ratio, the Ubiquiti UniFi AC Mesh dual-band device with omni-directional antenna was deployed.

The festival was visited by thousands of people around the clock, especially in the evening. The network was structured to guarantee connection for about 40 concurrent users per wireless device, which meant around 650/700 concurrent users on the whole network. The connectivity was provided to each device via 100Mb/s ADSL allowing users to send messages through apps like Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger, use social media and browse the internet.


  • 17 Ubiquiti UniFi AC Mesh devices
  • 100Mb/s per access point
  • 650/700 concurrent users
  • Social Login through Facebook (Like and Check-in) and Instagram